The body’s secret weapon – the blood buffer

In our day-to-day activities, we come across different forms of acids and bases. Well, you know to generally avoid these types of things but we are not always aware of the acidic things that we ingest. This can include acidic foods or alkaline dressings. Of course, it is important to limit how much of theseContinue reading “The body’s secret weapon – the blood buffer”

The Power of our Senses

Taste buds are just one reason why we love some foods and hate others.Hot Chocolate. Doughnuts. Haribo’s. McDonald’s. The world is full of polarizing flavours and foods, beloved by many, despised by just as many. Why is that? Scientists have untangled some — but not nearly all — of the mysteries behind our love andContinue reading “The Power of our Senses”

The pandemic that rocked the world…Where are we now?

Well…..2020…..what a year it was. A new virus that had never been detected spreading across the whole world, closing the borders of many countries, and forcing governments to make never-seen-before decisions that would cause massive financial implications. It is said to have originated in Wuhan, China at the end of 2019 and has now reachedContinue reading “The pandemic that rocked the world…Where are we now?”

Is death the end or can we win the battle against mortality?

GUEST ARTICLE Death is inevitable. There are many definitions and meanings to it. Some people believe death is the end of life, whilst others believe that death is not the end and is just the beginning of another life that we do not fully understand.  The Oxford definition of death is ‘the action or factContinue reading “Is death the end or can we win the battle against mortality?”