How do we know that our current climate is abnormal?

Okay, so it has been a while since I uploaded. Time has been ticking, life has been…life-ing, but I’m back! The next set of blog posts will be segments from the EPQ that I wrote for my A Levels. For those of you who don’t know, an EPQ or Extended Project Qualification, is an independentContinue reading “How do we know that our current climate is abnormal?”

How can we move to a sustainable future if we keep using energy-intensive heating and cooling?

According to UK Power, a ‘typical’ home uses between 8,000 kWh and 17,000 kWh of energy a year for its heating and according to World Watch Institute data, buildings are responsible for the annual consumption of 40% of the world’s energy. The design of many buildings for living and working make them inefficient in termsContinue reading “How can we move to a sustainable future if we keep using energy-intensive heating and cooling?”

How high is too high?

Many of the world’s tallest buildings have become tourist attractions, New Year’s Eve countdown locations and even spots for wedding proposals. However, it is not the events that occur there or the words used to describe them, but the numbers that make these structures with complicated engineering calculations very inspiring. It can also be veryContinue reading “How high is too high?”

Electric Power Generation and consumption

Replacing fossil fuels with renewable and sustainable forms of energy, may be the greatest challenge of the 21st century and possibly of world history. Many engineers and scientists are working on developing the current technology that we have to harness the natural sources of energy to mitigate climate change. We are all aware of theContinue reading “Electric Power Generation and consumption”