Our Expanding Galaxy: The Mystery Explained

For those of you who are sci-fi movie fans, have ever watched or heard of the Star Trek series (I, for one, am currently on season 3 of Star Trek Discovery on Netflix…. would strongly recommend) or are generally interested in astronomy, you may have come across the terms ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’. AtContinue reading “Our Expanding Galaxy: The Mystery Explained”

How was the Earth’s best friend created?

It must be said that the Moon is one of the most mysterious things that exists. We can see it clearly on Earth, but we only ever see one side of it. It can be seen both in the day and night as it reflects light from the sun. It affects the tides of theContinue reading “How was the Earth’s best friend created?”

How high is too high?

Many of the world’s tallest buildings have become tourist attractions, New Year’s Eve countdown locations and even spots for wedding proposals. However, it is not the events that occur there or the words used to describe them, but the numbers that make these structures with complicated engineering calculations very inspiring. It can also be veryContinue reading “How high is too high?”

If X-rays are so dangerous, why do we still use them?

In today’s world, doctors conduct X-rays to diagnose many types of medical issues: broken bones, heart failure, pneumonia and more. The fact that ordering x-rays to find the cause of some medical issues has become normal making us oblivious to how it was discovered and the dangers that come with it. Shockingly, not so longContinue reading “If X-rays are so dangerous, why do we still use them?”

Where do we get our numbers from?

5,4,3,2,1 and 0. We are so familiar with our numerical system that it never occurred to us to find out where numbers actually come from. Imagine a world where you could not count the numbers of days to your birthday or the amount you get paid at the end of each month?! (I do notContinue reading “Where do we get our numbers from?”